The Primary and Revision Total Hip Artroplasty Cadaver Course has been done on 6 – 7 September 2019 in Marmara University Medical School, Istanbul. The course was a SICOT educational event. SICOT – Istanbul Arthroplasty Courses have been annually done on lower extremity arthroplasty. Previous courses were,

• Primary and Revision Total Hip Artroplasty Cadaver Course – September 2018
• Primary and Revision Total Knee Artroplasty Cadaver Course – March 2019

The audience of the course is quite international, with participants and faculty from more than 20 and 10 countries, respectively. This international meeting provided a unique platform to the exchange of diverse experiences originating from different backgrounds and cultures. The last cadaver course was not an exception with surgeons from 16 different countries including educators and participants.


Course co-chairmen, Prof.Dr. Francesco Benazzo and Prof.Dr. Omer Faruk Bilgen


The event was done in the Marmara University Medical School Cadaver Lab. It was a two day course, the first day was on primary THA and the second on revision THA sessions. There were various types of learning modules during the course; including lectures, interactive case discussion sessions in small groups, video sessions for surgical techiques and panel discussions. After the modules, 3 hours hands-on cadaver sessions were performed for each day.

An interactive case discussion module with a small group


The Marmara University Medical School has a well designed and equipped Cadaver Lab


The feedbacks were very encouraging. The organization committee expect to keep attracting surgeons from all around the world.

Prof.Dr. Eleftherios Tsiridis,  European Hip Society General Secretary and  Prof.Dr. Jacques Caton SICOT Hip Committee Chairman


Invaluable contribution of arthroplasty experts and support from the most global orthopedic society, SICOT, gives an exceptional value to these Istanbul Arthroplasty Courses. We are honored to serve the orthopedic community globally and definitely will keep to continue these courses annually. We hope to meet where the continents meet in the following courses.


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